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X-ray technology for the expansion of your security and efficiency of your processes


Siddhalaxmi Imaging offers the market what is most effective in terms of identification of threats in an airport environment: x-ray technology.

This technology not only inhibits criminal act, but also ensures the effectiveness in the inspection process, ensuring an excellent cost-benefit ratio to the airport administration. With our solutions it is possible to carry out the screening of cargo, baggage and people, allowing to quickly and automatically identify threats, smuggling, narcotics, explosives, plastic-based weapons, knives and firearms.

Siddhalaxmi Imaging X –ray technology used for screening baggage and mail at critical infrastructure facilities, including bus, train and subway stations, embassies, government buildings, stadiums, museums and hotels.

High quality X-ray images reveal security threats and contraband, while dual-energy imaging provides additional capabilities by identifying threats based on their material type.

NDT X Ray Equipment Infrastructure
Prison system

Prisons and correctional facilities present security managers with a number of problems that can be overcome by using Siddhalaxmi Imaging X-ray Systems. It is accepted all over the world that drugs, mobile phones and weapons are often smuggled into the buildings and that once inside then controlling them is nearly impossible

Military installations have a critical need to counter evolving threats against personnel, equipment and employees. Our systems are built around a core of proven threats detection technologies that have been designed for optimal functionality in the harshest of environments. The detection systems from Siddhalaxmi Imaging. are optimized for military use and along with our user-friendly interface and our Field Service Technicians, who will walk the Operator through basic system parts, common operation errors and our easy to use Siddhalaxmi Imaging Operator Control Panel , military installations can remain safe and secure.

NDT X Ray for military
NDT X Ray for Events

Siddhalaxmi Imaging x ray system provides high security solutions for protecting various public events against dangerous terror happenings, thus securing environments and surroundings with world class safety. We have a mail-scanning devices, baggage scanners or mobile cargo scanners to protect even the largest, most complex environments for however long required.

Protection is only one part of the equation. Efficiency also is crucial. Because we know that two-hour lines at an event are unacceptable, we design our systems to let you swiftly keep apprised of potential threats - even on multiple fronts.